Residential Design

Looking for a Media rooms, whole house audio, distributed video systems, climate control, lighting and home security solution? With EDS, we create a complete programming solution for your home. Whether you are looking for a package solution or a completely custom design, EDS can help you transform your installation into a masterpiece.

We are proficient programming in any Audio/Video Installation in your home, from 1,200 square foot luxury condominiums to 25,000 square foot homes, EDS has the complete solution to make your installation an easy the skill set to program your project correctly the first time.

Commercial Design

Your commercial installation requires special handling and techniques as the technology changes and you want to ensure flawless system functionality. EDS has acquired a high level of understanding of latest technologies and equipment, and as a Key Digital Compass Control C5 Certified Programmer, we can take any installation to the next level.

EDS uses the latest technology and techniques to bring your system on-line and keep them functional. From board rooms with presentation equipment and video conferencing systems to schools and houses of worship, our expertise in providing you with an on-time and on-budget installation is what will take you project to the next level.

Compass Control Pic 1
Control for your home

Slide your way to each room and you can take you home to the next level, EDS has a stong focus on ease of use for your control system. Making this design the perfect solution!

Compass Control Pic 2
Music into every room of your house?

Who wouldn’t! We can create a solution that allows you to move from room to room without ever missing a beat. Let us take you party to the next level.

Compass Control Pic 3
Easy Design With Iphone Control

Have you ever wanted to control your home with either your IPhone or IPad? with Compass Control we can fully monitor your home, automate adjust from anywhere in the world.

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Bar / Restuarant

Make your business stand out. Whether you have a bar, restuarant or even a gym, EDS can help you maximize your customer's experiance with a multi-TV Solution.

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Video Wall

Looking for a dynamic new artistic expression, with EDS’ video wall solution, we can either show 1 large image or individual images on each TV in your lobby.

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Quick Solutions for Direct TV

Take you directTV experience to the next level with a custom solution that solves every need.

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House of Worship

Looking for a centralized, easy to use touch screen, lighting control, sound / video adjustments, and shade control? We all know that it is all about the experience!

Compass Control Pic 8
Board Room

Looking to increase your corporate identity? Take your presentation to the next level with a custom solution that will solidify your image with customer’s experience.

Compass Control Pic 9
Video Conferencing

Are your employees located in different offices or around the globe? Stay in touch your employees with a new way to control your video conferencing system